Homeschool Fun: Dinosaurs

Jayne works on his sequencing puzzle
 Jayne always loves when we do dinosaurs. This time around we worked with the dinosaur unit from 2 Teaching Mommies. The dinosaurs they used were just adorable. He really loved all the worksheets and activities. He is still a huge fan of the number clip cards but also had a lot of fun doing the number sequencing puzzle and size sorting activities I have decided to add food Friday into our routine. On food Friday we will have a snack or meal that goes with our theme for the week. This week we had dinosaur mashed potatoes. Just use a cookie cutter and fill with potatoes, easy and fun. We even put his lunch on his dinosaur plate. Jayne really loved it and gobbled up his food really quick, a rare occurrence lately. We also sang If You're a Dinosaur and You Know it from The Mailbox's Day by Day Preschool Plans book. Jayne enjoyed being able to stomp around and be noisy. Over all, it was a great week. We will be spending part of today reorganizing the classroom. Jayne is very excited about it. I described what we are going to do and he thinks it will be very fun.
Jayne sorts sizes
Dinosaur mashed potatoes

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