Homeschool Fun: Happy Fourth

I hope everyone is having a great time celebrating the fourth of July! We had a blast doing all kinds of holiday events and also got in some homeschooling fun.

Jayne spent some time doing firework tracers. He started at the firework and when he got to the explosion he made all kinds of fun sound effect and motions to portray the fireworks going off.

He did many patterns with his firework pattern cards too. He is starting to get the whole pattern thing. We even did some harder patterns too and I showed him how you can go back and look at what came after the last card the last time and that helped him a lot.

He really enjoyed graphing too. It was his first graphing experience and he loved taking turns to roll the dice. He liked coming up with interesting ways to mark the boxes too.

Jayne is so excited to start "official" school in the fall. We have found some really great preschool packs online and I have made some to go with his mailbox curriculum as well. He was happy that I found the fourth of July preschool pack at It gave him a taste of what is to come and I think it is going to be great!

We are still working on Head of the Class this summer and doing lots of trips to the library. The library is also having 6 presentations for different countries this year that we have been going to. Jayne loves getting a sticker for his little passport and there is usually a candy from the country. Last week was about Germany and the week before was about Russia.

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