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Homeschool Fun: Monster Trucks

Jayne works on word cards
We had a great monster truck week! Jayne could have spent all day every day in his classroom doing monster truck stuff. We based our week on the monster truck preschool pack from 1+1+1=1. It was a great pack to work with. Jayne enjoyed the worksheets and activities. He liked the mini book, color matching game, and word cards the best. The word cards are going to be a great tool for school. I didn't know what they were until this week and now that we have figured them out, I love them! It is a 3 part matching game. There is one card with a picture and a word, one with just the picture, and one with just the word. By the end of the week he was getting pretty quick at getting all the sets together.

Jayne paints with his car
We had a lot of fun with art time this week. Jayne loved painting with his car. We put the paint in a small paper plate and he got to run his car through the paint and then drive the car on the paper. The car was fairly easy to clean with a scrub brush. We decided to let the picture and the plate dry. The painting is hanging in his classroom and the plate became a mud pit for him to drive his cars in. He really liked getting a toy out of the deal.

Sculpting with Bendaroos
We spent the rest of the week's art time working with his new bendaroo set (same as wiki sticks). This was an amazing find. We went to a couple of stores looking for manipulatives for his sensory bin and ended up finding a set of 500 bendaroos for $2 at the thrift store in town. They were virtually unused and while I haven't actually counted them, and won't, it was an excelent deal for something I wanted to get for his classroom anyway. Jayne had a lot of fun with them. He started out doing flat line pictures and then he moved into some 3-dimentional sculpture. Once he went 3-D there was no turning back. I think he likes the bendaroos more than play-doh!

Sensory bin time
His sensory box this week had sand and cars. Jayne spent a good portion of his time building the sand into fun monster truck tracks and racing the cars all over. He added to the box a little too by putting in a cup and marble. Toward the end of the week he was making ponds and filling his cup with sand. Ironically enough, the cars were not even in the equation by the last day. He also enjoyed the Modern Marvels: Monster Trucks show on our netflix que. He hasn't actually been introduced to the idea of monster trucks before and the film was great. It was educational and exciting. He used the film (watched at least 5 or 6 times over the week) to build his sand tracks.

Mud mountain cake
Last but not least, Food Friday! We actually had our special treat on wednesday, Adam's day off. Adam baked Jayne a chocolate monster truck mud hill. They even built a lego monster truck to go on it. The cake was delisous and we made the descition that it will be the cake for Jayne's birthday. I especially like that it doesn't need frosting. It was so flavorful and good. Adam said it tastes almost like a brownie and I think he is right.

We had such a fun week for school. It was deffinately his favorite so far. He is so excited to get busy on next week and the week after and the week after that. I am really happy that he is so excited to do school each day. He has a lot of great ideas about what he wants to learn about and I am letting him help get the room ready each week. He loves being able to stock the room with all of his ideas.


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