Homeschool Fun: Popsicles

Jayne had so much fun with this lesson! Now that we are having a heat advisory, I am dreaming of repeating it. The topic was, as the title suggests, Popsicles! We got our great activity pages from the 2 Teaching Mommies blog. Jayne really loved playing with the pattern cards. He liked that the cards came with patterns to copy. He was able to take a pattern sheet and copy the pattern with his individual cards. I really like that about the 2 teaching Mommies preschool packs and it is something I am planning to add to my packs as I make them.
Jayne works on his clip cards

He has been showing off his Popsicle clip cards to everyone that stops by. He is really proud of himself that he can count them and mark the correct number. He is pretty sure that means he is big stuff now, and he would be right! Knowing your numbers is a great thing to be proud of yourself for. Instead of clips we use the little glass bead, stone things that you put in vases. Jayne likes to use the clear ones the best because they magnify the answer, as you can see in the pick.

Jayne uses his tongue for observation
By far his favorite activity was the Popsicle observation! He didn't quite understand what to do at first. He used his eyes to see what color his Popsicle was and if it was big or small, his ears to find out if it made a sound, his hands to see if it was hard or soft, and his nose to see if it smelled good. The best part of course was using his tongue to see if it was sweet, salty, or sour. We have done observations of all kinds of things since. On our vacation we observed tables and food and anything else we could thing of. Jayne has so much fun doing it. It is so easy to do and it helps him to think about the things in his world. I love it!

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