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A Spammy Trip

Jayne with Spammy
Today we made a trip to the Spam museum in Austin, the spam capitol of the world! We had a lot of fun even though we have been there several times before. We staerted with some pics of all the statues in the entrance area. Jayne really liked posing with Spammy, as you can see.

Next we saw the 15 minute film in the mini movie theater. This is the first time that I have seen the whole thing. It is also the first time that Jayne sat still and kept quiet durring the whole film. That is most assuradly the reason I got to watch it.

Jayne talks on the radio mic
After the film, we got into the exhibit area. Jayne learned how to use an old (that is old as in a separate peice for the speaking and  one for listening) and also learned from his grandma that his great grandma used to be an operator and run the switch boards. That was a fun fact that was new to Adam and I as well. Jayne helped daddy pull a shipping box with a rope and had some fun interviewing meme (that would be me for first time readers) in the radio station booth. He shouted for me to come by saying "Meme Clayton Morgan!" Apparently he thought that everyone must have his same middle name.

Jayne labels a Spam can
Then it was off to the assembly line! Jayne did a great job packing spam into the cans. He was even able to get the Spam labels on all by himself this time. He packed, put the lids on, "cooked", and labeled his 6 cans in 3 minutes and 44 seconds. In his time the Austin plant produced 1,568 cans of Spam. He helped us with the spam game show after that. He pushed all the buttons that I needed him to, usually when I needed them pushed. We hit the gift shop after that and got a can of Spam to have for supper and Jayne got to have a tatoo. His grandma also let him make a smashed penny for his collection. If you ever want a great and cheap suvenir, do a smashed penny book and fill it up as you travel. Jayne loves his and is very proud of his small collection.

At the end of the trip we waited for the rest of our group (traveled with grandma, her friend, my little cousin and her friend). I let Jayne have a go at the camera. You can see his very first picture below. It was a great trip and everyone had a lot of fun. Plus grandma bought us all ice cream after. That was a perfect way to end a very fun trip!
Meme with Spammy, Jayne's very first picture!


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