Birthday Fun

Jayne blows out all the candles
Jayne's birthday went great! We kept an eye on the weather all day and did end up having the party at the park. It sprinkled for the last half hour but that did not stop all the kiddos from having fun and running around like maniacs. Jayne came home with a wide variety of Lightning McQueen booty. The cake was a huge hit! Adam made it from scratch, it tasted like brownies, and looked amazing. We all agreed that it rated up there with last year's ham sandwich cake in creativity.

When the kids wanted a break from the light rain they popped back under the shelter and colored on our handmade paper shapes. It was a great way to go through some of them and were durable for coloring on the concrete. Each kiddo got their own Lightning McQueen crayon roll, complements of The Crazy Elephant Boutique. The kids really liked them and they were occupied for a good 20 minutes at least. I am excited for next year's festivities, but I can definitely wait for Jayne to get yet another year older!

Jayne in his new chair with his new friend

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