Homeschool Fun: Birthday

I thought a birthday themed week would be an excellent build up to Jayne's birthday party, which will be on Sunday. He had so much fun with it too. He loved playing keep the balloons off the floor, classic game. He really liked the birthday pack from Homeschool Creations. His favorite was the find the cake game. We played it every day during school, taking turns and having fun. He did the size cards very well and played with the 3 part cards too. The find the cake game definitely took the cake this week.

Jayne reveals the cake
His sensory bin was very cute too this week. He liked using the tweezers to pick out the beads (cake sprinkles) and tried to pick up everything he could with them. We took this fun little tweezers from his bug collecting kit. It worked out great and it will help him work the muscles he needs to hold a pencil correctly. We somehow ended up not having any art time this week! We have been busy preparing for his birthday party.

Jayne picks up an extra friend
Next week we start school! Not that we haven't been doing school anyway, but this will be full swing. It also means getting into our routine. It is going to be a great way to make sure everything is accomplished and that we make time for the important things like spending time together as a family and getting enough rest.

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