Homeschool Fun: Hot Dogs

It was a light week since I didn't make many pages (the computer issue). It turned out to be good timing though. Jayne had a nasty cold most of the week and my allergies hit hard toward the end. Jayne really loved the sheets that I did make and I think I will add more to the collection and make it one of his school year packs. Jayne liked the cut and paste sheets the best. That boy loves cutting! He did a great job of cutting on the lines. We also had a line tracer and pattern cards, oh and a hot dog colors book. The sensory bin this time around was another big success. This week we had red beans. I put in Barbie hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks, buns, and grill. Jayne got to dig through and find all the meat and grill it. We also measured how many beans his measuring spoons and cups could hold. I discovered that while he isn't good at his teens, he can count the 20s perfectly! His tiny root beer mug held 61 beans and he enjoyed getting to know some higher numbers.

I plan to share my hot dog pack with all my fans and followers once I reach 50 followers on the blog or 300 fans on our facebook page ( So, make sure to share!

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