Homeschool Fun: Ocean

Jayne size sorts

We had an awesome ocean week! We did so much, especially since Adam had the week off. We worked with the preschool pack from homeschool creations. Jayne played with the size sorting whales the most and the puzzle. He is getting really good at sorting, that has always been a good "subject" for him. If I could only get him to put that sorting talent to work in his bedroom, I would be one happy Meme! We didn't do many of the worksheet this time around, but we had a very busy week.

Caught a  fish
Jayne's favorite at home activity was his sensory bin. I put water in it with a Barbie fish tank. Jayne had to fill the fish tank with water and then catch the fish to put inside. He really liked using different things to fill it up with and leaned toward the quicker items. He was so excited when we had the big bin reveal and it was the only thing he wanted to do all week. Thant is until...

A South African Penguin
We went on our big field trip! We went up to the Minnesota Zoo. It was a great as ever, though considerably busier than we are used to. Their new entrance threw us off a bit as it moved near the discovery bay area. It was beautiful though. They also opened up a new penguin exhibit. They were great showmen! You would think the penguins were performing. They were very active and they swam right in front of us. We spent lots of time looking at all the ocean animals and took lots of pictures. Jayne also fed the goats and got lots of practice taking his own pictures. I do believe we could have a little photographer on our hands.

With less than 3 weeks till the official start of school, we are nearly ready. Are you?

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Jolanthe said...

I really want to take our kids to the aquarium again...such a long time since we've been!