Homeschool Fun: Thomas the Train

Jayne plays trains
This week, and the next 2 weeks, we are taking it easy. We are going a little lighter on the school lessons as we get the house ready for Jayne's birthday party and finish getting ready for school to start for the fall. This week we did Thomas the Train week. I really liked that we used his Thomas the Train magazine for his lessons because they come with a 14 page workbook inside. Jayne was excited to put up the poster in his room when his workbook was finished at the end of the week. We also watched Thomas movies on our netflix and played with his Thomas trains as well. We broke out Jayne's new set of pony beads as well and he got some practice lacing. I think we will make that a part of our art week quite often. I can tell it is working on his pencil holding muscles!

Next week is hot dog week! Jayne is pretty excited. I wasn't able to get all the parts I wanted done for the pack due to my computer, which is still not doing well, but it should be good for our lightened week. I also found A Hot Dog Program on netflix and will get it sometime during the week, but SHHHHH, don't's a surprise!

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