I am Back!

I am online again. We are still working on the problem with my computer though, and by "we" I mean Adam. I have to use my computer in safe mode. If you ever have you know that it looks similar to windows 95. I am able to get both of our Crazy Elephant shops up and running though and I got 2 of the new crayon rolls listed on etsy already (http://thecrazyelephant.etsy.com). It will probably be some weeks before my computer is back to normal, but it is usable.

The Rolling Stone show went great! I nearly sold out of boy's owie fixers and I got some really great feedback on the new mini crayon rolls. It turned out to be our best show to date! It may take a while to get restocked on a few things, but that is a good thing. Since the computer was down before here is the super awesome ad that I made for our new rolls. Jayne loves getting his picture taken and showing off and I think it worked well this time.

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