A Launch and a Notice

Here it is, the mini crayon roll! It is a super fun add on to car trips and more, anywhere you want to pack light. Each crayon roll comes with 4 crayons but Jayne likes to stuff in 8 and they fit fine. These also have a flap on the top to help keep the crayons inside. I had planned on getting several listed in our shops today and that brings me to part 2 of the post...

My poor computer is sick from a month of high heat and humidity. I can't use the programs that I need to edit my pictures, let alone put the pictures on my computer. Since we do not have AC I may not be able to get back online for a while. In the meantime, Our shops will be closed online and I will not be able to post or anything till we get it worked out. You can still see us at the 3 shows (previous post) and the mini crayon rolls will be there and waiting for new homes. There will be a post on Friday, it is autoposting from earlier in the week and does not mean I am back online yet. When I am back, you will know.

Thanks for holding in there with us and please keep cool!

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