Holiday Approaches

Owie Fixer from The Crazy Elephant Boutique
The Etsy holiday bootcamp starts today. It is bound to be a very busy time for the Crazy Elephant. This is the first year that I will be able to focus on our shop for the holidays. I have been in retail for the last 10 or so holiday seasons and being away from that will be a breath of fresh air. My main goal this year is to see what traffic and sales are like this year so I have an idea of what to plan for and anticipate in the coming years. It is more of an experimental time than anything. I am working on building up my inventory and getting my shop nice and full. The only problem, and it's a good problem, is that people keep buying the listings as fast as I list them. I clearly need to start listing more. I am planning to launch my pad line in October. I know it is something that many have been looking forward to. As always you can expect great customer service and quick shipping from The Crazy Elephant. We are still taking custom orders. We did several sock monkey hats for christmas last year. Make sure to place your custom orders early though, as they are all hand made and you want to get them in time for your holiday celebration.

What are your goals this holiday?

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BeMyBee said...

Like you my goal is to add more inventory to my shop. I'm excited to see what this season can bring. I'm hoping to have lots of fun Christmas items listed by the beginning of November. Can't wait to see what this season brings for us. Good Luck!