Homeschool Fun: Camping

Putting in the "today is" card

The first week went great! We did so much fun stuff and fit in a fun birthday as well. We used the camping themed printables from Homeschool Creations this week. They were great as always. Jayne is getting better on his handwriting and we are taking more of a focus on how he makes his letters. He can trace the letter well, but he likes to follow the lines any which way. That method will not work well when he starts writing freehand. We finished up his pocket chart calendar too. The calendar has been a great too the last few weeks since we got it. We do a counting song to the date each day, he is learning about the seasons, months, and days of the week too. When school started this week, we added a word of the day to the calendar chart and ask him to go read it a few times during the day. The calendar has weather and holiday cards too. He is really enjoying all that calendar time has to offer.

The lizard is camping out
The sensory bin this week really had his creativity flowing. We did sand this week. I added some yellow beads for fireflies and some card stock pieces for him to build tents with. Jayne added a lizard. He loved making tents for his lizard and then he started experimenting with the card stock. He positioned the card stock in different ways and poured sand on it to see what would happen. When he held the card stock, the sand fell through and the card flipped up. When the card stock was in the sand at a slant the sand slid down. I am really happy at how the sensory bin concept has been working!

Jayne made the landscape with playdough
We did do one extra special thing for camping week, roast marshmallows! We did not camp out because of how bad our allergies have been, but we did get to nibble some yummy s'mores. Jayne loved it! He looked for sticks and for the first time we let him toast his own marshmallows. We stayed out past his bedtime. The dark made him nervous. Overall we had a really fun week. Next week we have the old lady that swallowed a fly that I made for him.
Jayne toasts a marshmallow with his daddy

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