Homeschool Fun: Swallowed a Fly

Old lady coloring pages
We used my Old Lady that Swallowed a Fly pack this week. If you want to use the pack it is under the printables tab. It was a relatively small week. That worked out well with the holiday and our terrible to juggle schedules. Jayne enjoyed every minute of it. He loves the book and has gotten other variations of it from the library before. The worksheets went well and his tracing is improving with each day.

The main event was the old lady herself. Granted, she has been missing her fly for some time now. But lo and behold, the fly was in a sock in the laundry on Friday afternoon. She now has all her pieces. We spent lots of time singing the song and stuffing the old lady. Next week is Batman week, Jayne is more than a little excited for that one!
How absurd to swollow a bird!

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