The New Mystery Item

As comfy as the liners
I have been asked so many times by so many people to expand from just pantyliners to pads as well in my Mommy Essentials line. Well, your requests have not fallen on deaf ears! I spent months researching designs and thinking about what I wanted for myself as well. This is the design I ultimately came up with. It is quite similar to the pantyliners I currently make, and one of my best selling lines I might add. I have worn them and they are so comfortable. I have not had a chance to "properly" test them yet. I made them so that they are longer than disposable pads giving a much more secure feel for night time wear. I slimmed down the original design as they were a little wide. These pads are made the same way as the liners but with a fluffy terry cloth center. These won't be in shop till I feel the have had a thorough test. They are coming though and I will let everyone know when they are ready to order!

Prints like this make monthly visitors a little more fun

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