The Super Hero Roll

Play mat side
The super hero roll is perfect for your little guy's little imaginext heros. There is space for 4 mini action figures plus it opens out into a city scape playmat! It is easy to use. Just put your heros and villians in the pocket, fold it in half and roll it up. It stays put with a ribbon tie. The super hero rolls are made of felt that is made of 100% recycled bottles, so they are earth friendly as well as child friendly.

Jayne plays Batman
The city scape is entirely hand embroidered so every roll is an individual. The signal in the sky is custom made with the monogram of your choice. Jayne was so excited about it, asking me when it was going to be ready. I gave it to him this morning and he had the biggest smile. He even figured out that he could match up the car roll road with the city street, something I did not do intentionally! Now him and his Daddy are playing batman on his new roll. We will be bringing this bad boy with us to the wedding we are going to this weekend!

Jayne connects the hero roll and his car roll

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