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Holiday Showcase: The Crazy Elephant

It is that time of year again! Can you believe it is almost the holiday season once again? I am starting off the holiday showcase with my creation, The Crazy Elephant, again. We have had a lot of changes this year and I am still ending the post with a giveaway, so it's all good.
The Crazy Elephant
What kinds of fabulous goodies to you carry?
Our focus is on earth friendly products for kids and moms. We have nursing and menstral pads for mom. There are useful kids items like burpcloths, tissues, and lunch bags. I also make playmats and games out of eco felt. There are lots of new goodies this year and more to come as the holidays draw closer.
What inspires your work?
Our son, Jayne! He is the reason The Crazy Elephant exists, and how it got it's name. I have always been an artist, but all the sewn and knitted items in our shops came about because of having made them for him first. we decided to share the things we love to use with others.
Why is handmade important to you?

There is a lot of care that goes into a handmade item that you can't get from a manufacturing plant. When I make something I expect a high level of quality. If I don't like the way a new product turns out, I don't sell it. I keep working on it till it is what I want it to be or it gets dropped all together. We test drive every product before it hits the shop. In handmade products you see more originality and much higher quality overall.
Share a handmade gift that anyone can do!
This one is a great kids craft for the teachers. Jayne did this for his Auntie who is a teacher and they turned out really cute. Take red, green, and yellow plastic yogurt lids and glue a white circle on the inside. Glue 3 or so apple seeds in the middle of the circle. On the back glue crumpled tissue in the coresponding colors, add string and you have an adorable apple ornament.
Lastly, where can we find you?
We do several live shows, but online you caan find us at We are also on facebook,, and on twitter @thecrazyele.
The giveaway!
The Crazy Elephant is giving away a yellow marble maze! This fantastic little maze is great for anyplace you would like a quiet kiddo, plus the marble is safely contained inside the maze. The winner will be selected at random and announced on October 31st.
How to enter:
Please comment once for each entry and leave a way to contact you if you win.
*follow this blog
*fan The Crazy Elephant on facebook
*Share your favorite item at The Crazy Elephant
*blog about this giveaway (must leave link)
*share this giveaway with others in any other way (must leave link and can comment as many sepparate links as you like)
*making a purchase in the shop gives you 10 entries (make 1 comment for the purchase)
*Share instructions for a great handmade gift that anyone can do!
Have fun and the winner will be announced on October 31st!


K.Dingfelder said…
I love the Owie Fixers! And so do the children in my classroom!!!
K.Dingfelder said…
I am most definitely a fan of The Crazy Elephant on Facebook!!!
Kelly said…
The marble maze looks like a great idea!
Laurie said…
I am a fan on facebook!
Laurie said…
I am subscribed to your blog!
Laurie said…
My favorite gift to make is a paci clip. They are so expensive in the stores, and NEVER have a long life. Most of the store bought ones don't even work all that well. A great place for instructions is
Laurie said…
My favorite thing on the crazy elephant is the knit hats. The tiger and pumpkin are SO cute!
Laurie said…
I also shared this on Facebook! Let's see if any of my friends come!
April said…
I am a facebook fan.
April said…
I'm folowing your blog.
April said…
I LOVE the skiing frog owie pad , how cute.

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