Homeschool Fun: Zoo

This week we worked out of the All About Reading sample work books. This is the reading program I am planning on using next year for Kindergarten so it was great getting a chance to try it out first. It was such a hit! Jayne loved rhyming with Ziggy the zebra as he cooked silly foods and getting to cut out the story cards and arrange them in the order that the story went. We used his Ziggy Zebra beanie baby as Ziggy and he loved that Ziggy talked to him. He will really love the set next year as it comes with a large Ziggy puppet. (Get the sample packs here)

We also did a giraffe art project from our Mailbox book, Day by Day Preschool Plans. It was a super easy project but he still really enjoyed it. Step 1 cut out giraffe shape. Step 2 put brown paint thumb prints all over it. Step 3 let it dry. Jayne hung it up in his room. He was very proud of him little masterpiece.

We also did a scavenger hunt for lights this week as part of his Awana Cubbies curriculum. It was fun going out at dusk and finding all the sources of light that we could.

Next week is fire safety week. What are all of you doing for this special week of the year?

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