Water Bottle Craft

I originally found this idea on pintrest, which I recently caved into joining and have found that I love. The pin was from a blog post, here is the link: http://www.pinkpistachio.com/its-not-a-glitter-wand/.

Jayne adds goodies to his bottle (Fiji water bottle)
The project is so easy and Jayne had a lot of fun picking out mini items and beads to go inside. All you do is fill half a plastic bottle with water, put in all your water safe goodies, fill it the rest of the way, and seal it shut. We put in plastic beads, vintage mini animals (on hand from my mom), and some cut up curling ribbon. You could basically put in anything though, as long as it won't be damaged by the water.

Jayne watches everything move
This is a great craft project to make and worked on Jayne's fine motor skills to make it. It is fantastic for in the car and other quiet times. Jayne suggested making one for the day care boy today; he's nearly 15 months. We don't use things that have bottles very often, so it took about 15 minutes just to find a bottle. We ended up making his out of a small Pepto Bismol bottle. It worked great! It is smaller for his little hands and is seriously durable. Jayne felt great making something for someone else and the baby was all smiles playing with it.

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