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Holiday Showcase: LaLaDangerous

What kinds of fabulous goodies to you carry?
I carry Ornaments for any Occasion! Wedding, Anniversary, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter! Having a baby? I have an Ornament or gift for you!!
What inspires your work?
Every Christmas, on the day we decorated the tree, my mother would present us children with a special ornament just for us for that year. I looked forward to this time every year. This was the first ornament(aside from the bulbs of course) to go on the tree. She did this every year until the year came when we moved out of the house. All of our ornaments were packed away to take with us into our own separate homes to decorate our tree. I still have them all. I'd like to bring that same love, thoughtfulness and tradition to each and every home with a One of a Kind ornament for your special someone. This is what inspires me to make my little works of art!!
Why is handmade important to you?Handmade is important to me because first and foremost I know I'm supporting…

December Goals

December?! My brain is not ready for December! Since I am no longer in retail and we rarely go shopping I am not bombarded with Christmas. I haven't been seeing it on TV either, so this year I am just not mentally prepared for it. So, with December starting this week, I thought that now is as good a time as any to post my goals for the month. I can honestly say that I haven't even thought about it yet. As for last month's goals, I have done well with them and will continue to work on them. We have 5 people left to do gifts for but all the rest are wrapped under the tree as of last night. So here are some things I would like to get accomplished before the new year starts...

* Get some serious Crazy Elephant paperwork done. I need to finish entering in receipts into my books, Get books for next year, and I would like to do a chart of what I actually sold this year to get a better idea of what I should keep doing and what I can let go of.

*I am going to up my Wii Fit minutes …

Festival of Trees

The festival of trees has begun! We took the whole day as a family on Monday to set up our Holiday Glam with Barbie tree and were very happy with how it turned out. Jayne was our garbage transporter and had a blast doing it. We took some time touring downtown as well. That included a trip to Carrol's Cup and Corn shops, our favorites! We even had a lady tell us that it really meant a lot to her that we put my childhood holiday barbies on the tree.
For those that do not know, the festival of trees is an annual event that supports Hiawatha Homes. The organization provides housing and other programs for people with disabilities. They provide us with the tree, but everything on and under the tree we donated.

The opening night gala was fantastic as always. There was more food than I would ever want to eat. We got to look at all the trees in the dark lighting and sitting in the "snow". They always do lots of auctions and entertainment and it is the one night of the year that…

Holiday Showcase: Fortremington

This week I am visiting with the shop keeper from Fortremington. Let's get started...

What kinds of fabulous goodies to you carry?
I have totally functional wood kitchen utensils of all shapes and sizes. Made from southern cherry wood, they are a durable and beautiful wood that is perfect for cooking, baking, mixing, grilling, etc.

What inspires your work?
New recipes! I love learning how different foods are cooked, the special utensils required for making the job easier and then designing that utensil out of wood. As I've traveled around the south, I've learned different areas that specialize in certain foods, like brunswick stew, lo country boils, chicken pileau. I have had requests from the "professional" back yard chefs for just the perfect tool for them to use. It's always fun to learn from them....and to pick up a recipe or two.

I am also inspired by antique spoons that look well loved and worn. I make replicas of old spoons for family members …

Lemon Cake Earring Winner

It is time to announce the winner of the lemon cake earrings! Sorry for the 1 day delay, but life just happens sometimes.
Here is the randomizer result... Random Integer GeneratorHere are your random numbers: 4 And here is the winning entry... Jinx said...Already been a'followin'. :) these are adorable earrings! ul <3 Ashley
You are quite the lucky duck Ashley! You are 2 for 2. Thank you to everyone who checked out Penguin Craft's feature.

Homeschool Fun: Wizard of Oz

This week was Wizard of Oz week. It has been a while since I did my last homeschool post. This has been a crazy month! But now I am back, and we have had another great week. The preschool pack we worked with this week was from It was definitely another winner.

Jayne's favorite part was making the stick puppets and acting out the story with them. He wasn't quite as into doing the worksheets this week, but not all weeks can be pure motivation. He's only 4 after all.

We watched The Wizard of Oz 3 times over the course of the week, for resting time. We also watched The Wizard of Ha's, a Veggietales movie, and as always it was a ton of fun and not nearly as long as the regular one.

We also packed our shoebox for operation Christmas child today. Jayne enjoyed doing it so much and decided to donate some of his toys as well for other kids that don't have toys. He thinks it is unspeakable that any child would be without toys as he spends about 50% …

Holiday Gifts at The Crazy Elephant

The holidays are quickly approaching and it is time to think day after thanksgiving shopping! We are doing a special at The Crazy Elephant Boutique, type in this coupon code, thanksgiving15, and you will save 15% on your order the day after thanksgiving through cyber monday. I am also giving the first 8 people who place an order a free copy of our DVD, Morgan Media Animated, that has our 8 animated shorts (may not work in older dvd players). So, what are you going to find when you stop on by? We have all of our normal goodies like lunch bags, mommy essentials, and burp cloths. The 3 that really stand out for the holidays are these... Toy rolls are a great hit! We carry car rolls and super hero (batman) rolls. They are individualized for your child, so you will want to place your order well in advance to make sure you get it in time for your gift unwrapping. They are made with eco felt that is made of 100% recycled bottles. So, you can feel good knowing that your child's toys are b…

Note Card Giveaway

Here is the result of the randomizer:
Random Integer GeneratorHere are your random numbers: 5 Timestamp: 2011-11-14 19:37:25 UTC
Comment #5's winning entry:
Jinx said... Fave item in shop would be you

AshleyCongrats on winning the notecard gift set Ashley! I will get you in touch with Marcia from Be My Bee.

Thank you everyone for checking out my holiday showcases so far! There are still more fantastic showcases on the way, including a new giveaway starting tomorrow, so stay tuned.

November Goals

Have you thought about your goals for the month yet? Well, it's high time! It is already November 3rd, if you can believe it. To update on last month's goals:

*I have decided to let our schedule come naturally and is starting to come together.
*We have lots of family time ideas, they just aren't written down, and it has been great not watching as much tv.
*I hit 100 listings in my shop, now I just need to maintain it.

I am leaving this weekend to go on a crafting weekend with my mom and her friends. I am going to be sewing like a maniac filling orders and making merchandise. I will also be missing my family. Adam tells me I need the time away and to have fun. They are also having a boy weekend with Adam's brothers, so I hope they will be having fun too. I am excited to come back and get on top of my goals though and be back in my family's arms.

*Goal #1 is to make studying the bible an every day occurrence. I even added it to my daily checklist so I make sure to ge…

Holiday Showcase: Too Tutu Cute

Today's holiday showcase is with Bethanie from Too Tutu Cute. Let's get started...

What kinds of fabulous goodies to you carry?

I carry embroidered shirts, tutus, and accessories for the little ones.

What inspires your work?
My 2 beautiful girls inspire my work!

Why is handmade important to you?

Handmade is important to me because it's one of s kind, no two things are exactly a like. I'm able to customize my items just how the individual would want it and make it your very own. It's unique.

Where can we find you?

On Etsy:
On Facebook:

Lastly, is there anything else you would like to share about you or your shop?

I am a stay at home mom for 2 beautiful little girls and love every minute with them. I'm having so much fun creating these items for them!