November Goals

My guys on halloween
Have you thought about your goals for the month yet? Well, it's high time! It is already November 3rd, if you can believe it. To update on last month's goals:

*I have decided to let our schedule come naturally and is starting to come together.
*We have lots of family time ideas, they just aren't written down, and it has been great not watching as much tv.
*I hit 100 listings in my shop, now I just need to maintain it.

I am leaving this weekend to go on a crafting weekend with my mom and her friends. I am going to be sewing like a maniac filling orders and making merchandise. I will also be missing my family. Adam tells me I need the time away and to have fun. They are also having a boy weekend with Adam's brothers, so I hope they will be having fun too. I am excited to come back and get on top of my goals though and be back in my family's arms.

*Goal #1 is to make studying the bible an every day occurrence. I even added it to my daily checklist so I make sure to get it in. I am not as familiar with the Word as I should be, but each day I learn and grow.

*Goal #2 is to add at least 100 minutes to my Wii Fit Plus each week. I am not doing anything in particular to loose weight, I just want to get moving more. In the cold months it is harder to do that. This is also on my calendar.

*Goal #3 is to organize gifts for the holidays. We have roughly half of the gifts taken care of now, but we need a list to make sure we don't double buy for people. We also have lots of giving to do for those in need and those need to get organized as well.

I guess that is it for this month. I am also brainstorming blog ideas for December. If you have a stretch it topic you would like me to cover, let me know.

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