Christmas is Done!

I love Christmas, but I am glad the festivities are over! For our family the Christmas festivities last the whole month. For the first time, we got to attend all of them. Adam asked me how I liked it. It was great getting to see every one and most of the food was excelent. Here at the end of a busy month I am not feeling great though. There was SO much food and SO much running around. When I was working there was not that problem because I tend to eat normally when I am not at a party. Thank goodness I became a Zumba addict last month or I would be needing a new wordrobe right about now. I know that the celebrations are not over yet. We have another party to go to on Saturday and the Sunday after that is our anniversary. Plus, the game day we were going to have at our house on Wednesday has been changed to another location which means one more day of travel. There is light at the end of the tunnel though and next week should be reletively normal. I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Make sure to enjoy the quiet calm of January.

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