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Christmas Letter 2011

I am okay with admitting it...I don't feel like mailing out Christmas cards this year. It isn't that I don't care or am not in the Christmas spirit, I just don't have time or energy for it this year. So I am at least writing up this virtual letter for everyone to enjoy.

A lot has gone on this year! Back in January I stepped down as bra specialist at Victoria Secret which meant that Jayne would be able to stay home instead of being shuffled back and forth to daycare, no easy task with us only having 1 car. It also gave me the opportunity to put more attention on my shop ( In the spring Adam, Mitchiel, Steven, Jayne, and I started training for the 28 mile Tour de Cure ride. I also did several, relatively uneventful, craft shows. We continued riding our bikes all through the summer with frequent rides in to the movie theater for their free shows. We also started attending Grace Church down the road from our house. We really like it there and have been enjoying all the adult and kids programs they have. We even started running the projection booth!

This fall is when all the excitement began though. Jayne turned 4 and we kicked his preschool program up a notch. He is doing very well with homeschooling and did great during his preschool screening. In September, the brake line went out on the car. Everyone was fine and the car was fixed. It was also the launching point the result of 5 years of hard work, my being a stay at home mom! I started staying home on October 1st and it has been great! We have done some amazing progress getting rid of all the excess in our house. I am cooking almost entirely from scratch now, the house is looking better than ever, and The Crazy Elephant is keeping me very busy these last couple of months.

Jayne is having a blast learning. He also started going to speech class twice a week. He really enjoys it and is picking everything up very fast. We have been walking to class, but now that it is getting colder he is going to start taking the bus...all by himself! He is a little nervous, probably not as much as I am, but he is excited about it too.

One of the biggest changes this year is that we can actually go to all of our holiday events this year with no real issues. I have missed almost all of the Christmas get togethers the last 2 years because of working in retail and I am very grateful not to be enduring that again this year. So I will finally get to visit with all of our friends and family this year, weather permitting.

We are all really looking forward to the new year. It should be a great year filled with new experiences and lots of family time. We wish everyone a very merry Christmas!

The Morgans


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