Inspiration Needed!

The last few weeks have been crazy and we have had so many events to go to. One huge problem I am running into is that things have been piling up every week. It seems like no matter what I do I cannot get the house done lately. Yesterday I was not feeling well and took it easy for the day. Sometimes you just have to. Today I have gotten caught up on everything except my old enemy...dishes!

Normally they get done on a daily basis. I wash them and dry them and get them put away. It is a pretty easy job to do, on a daily basis. We have had so much going on this month though that it has been several days worth at a time and with holiday related cooking, it seems like the pile of dishes to do is never ending. I did the dishes on Saturday and now on Friday the whole counter is covered. In our small kitchen it is a cycle of wash, dry, put away. I can get throught the cycle about 3 times before the water is cold, if I am lucky.

I am just having a hard time staying motivated this month. My brain feels like sludge and I just plain don't want to put in the hour or more it will take to do this job. So, here I am, waiting for the motivated homemaker in me to step it up a bit and get started on the massive pile of dishes. In the meantime, I got a blog post in...that's good right?

What job gets you in a rut?

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