A New Year's Show

This morning we got the chance to go to Sesame Street Live: Elmo Makes Music! Adam's parents won 4 tickets and brought Jayne and I. I have never seen him sit so still and quietly in his whole life. The show just left him in awe. Before we went he kept telling me that all the sesame street guys wouldn't be there because they are just make believe. He had changed his tune by the end of the show. We got there before the masses so we found our seats and headed down to the goodie cart to pick out something special to bring home. Jayne picked the glowing, color changing Elmo wand. Then we took his picture next to the Elmo on the booth.
Bert and Ernie came out and said hello when the show started. They told us the letter of the day was J...just like Jayne! Well, you can only imagine how excited Jayne was that the letter of the day at the big show was the same as the first letter of his name. It was almost like the show was made just for him.
There were so many fun songs to listen to. The audience was mostly non responsive to questions and cues. If they were anything like Jayne, it was because of being awestruck. One song was about triangles. Tellie asked everyone to make triangles. I made a triangle with my fingers and showed Jayne. He tried but it was more of a diamond. I helped him straighten out his thumbs and here is the resulting triangle. This is also a fairly good show of just how far away we were from the action. I still got great pics though.
After lots of songs, an intermission filled with begging for the balloons they brought out, and more songs, they finally did the farewell song. All of the characters came out and danced and said good-bye to the audience. Then the audience silence ended when they shot off confetti rockets. It was an awesome end. Jayne said he wished he could go to the show every day. We all had a lot of fun, besides the slight case the gimmes that the little guy caught. Plus I really liked that it didn't revolve around Elmo, like you would think from the title. I hope you all are having a great new year's eve too and I hope to bring you lots of great posts in 2012!

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