Homeschool Fun: Knights

Jayne's new school mate, Croci
It is going to be mostly pics today. We have had a fun start to knight week. Jayne played lego knights with his daddy and people knights too. We made puppets to play with all week long and Jayne has done great on his worksheets so far. There is also a new addition to our school! His name is Croci the crocodileand he is Jayne's new puppet friend for school. We were going to wait for Ziggy the Zebra with his all about reading class in the fall but he is to advanced for the level that Ziggy comes with so we let him choose a friend for himself. Now on to the pictures!
Jayne and Croci play knights! Adam even made Croci his own matching chainmail to play in.

 Adam gets in on the knight play.

Our preschool pack this week is from and one of Jayne's favorites this week is the board game. A while back I made photo bead magnets as gifts and for us and that is what we use for our pieces. They work out great for keeping track of who is who.


Jolanthe Erb said...

Those games pieces are a GREAT idea ~ LOVE it!!!! And did you make their 'chainmail'? Cute!

Michelle said...

Thanks! My husband does all the knitting and he did make the chainmail and helmet.