Homeschool Fun: Planets

(To Row, Row, Row Your Boat)
Stars, Moons, Planets too,
Up in outer space.
All are in our galaxy,
Each in it's own place!

It is space week, and Jayne said, "again?!" Yes! But this week is focused on the planets instead of space travel, rockets. We have been doing a lot of activities out of The Mailbox's Preschool Plans Day By Day. I have a few photos for you of our activities...
It is so hard to see in the photo, but this is his sensory bin. We spent time dropping marbles in to see how craters are made on the moon.

For art time on Tuesday we broke out the play-doh and sculpted some super fantastic space aliens. I will admit that Jayne's is much cooler than mine (on the left).

We have been working on random worksheets and organizing cutout planets by size and order too. The last big activity we will be doing is going to be edible and is from the book. We will be laying out corn flakes on a pan and covering them with almond bark. It is supposed to simulate the surface of the moon, and will be down right fun and tasty!

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