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Hot Dog Mac

 Hot dogs + mac = goodness
Jayne loves mac and cheese! It is one of his favorite foods. There is something about it that kids just love. Plain Jane mac and cheese is a little boring for me and doesn't stretch very far on it's own. We tend to experiment with ours. Most of the time we use part of the pack of cheese mix and some Velveeta. The rest of the cheese pack goes on pop corn for a snack later because your cheese packet is exactly the same as what is in a bottle of mac and cheese pop corn sprinkle. A lot of the time we add in some hot dogs or homemade bacon bits and either corn or green beans, Jayne's pick. But sometimes we change it completely and just use the noodles.

I thought I would share my latest mac and cheese concoction. I was in the mood for hot dog but did not have any buns...So, I made what was basically a hot dog hot dish. I cooked the mac and cheese and drained it like normal. I melted about 2T of butter and tossed the mac back in with it. Then in went the cut up hot dogs, some ketchup and mustard to taste, and about a quarter cup of homemade pickle relish drained. You know what? It tasted just like having a hot dog!

Do you do anything fun and interesting with your mac and cheese? I would love to hear about it!


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More InfoAuthor BioI received this book from Blogging for Books for this review


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