No More Pull Ups

Jayne has been potty trained for day time for about 2 years now. Night time still means pull ups. This is something I am tired of remembering and paying for month after month. So after doing some looking around I found a PDF pattern that I wanted to try. The pattern is from Mama Can Do It on Etsy. I ordered the pattern and got it in my e-mail only moments later. Now that is some serious speed! The pattern was very easy to follow and I love the way they look. I ended up making them with 3 layers of terry cloth in the center instead of 2 for extra absorbancy. I did Jayne's with velcro since I don't like working with snaps and it also gives him plenty of size options. I didn't see that the design was not good for overnight pants until I bought it, unfortunate. You can make them good overnighters with a layer of PUL though it is not a fabric type available in our area. We are working on night training and so they are sufficient without the PUL. Jayne really likes them. He thinks he is pretty hot stuff in his newest Lightning McQueen "nigh-night pants". I am happy that we made the choice to go cloth here. They were very easy to make and the 5 that I made him should last till he doesn't need them any more. I do laundry 3 days a week, so I won't need to make more!
2 of his pairs that I made. He had fun picking all of the fabrics!

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