I Heart Quesadillas

In other words, I have turned quesadillas into heart! We made them the other day and they were quite tasty. They were even better than I thought they would be. I had nothing ot go on. I just tossed some things together and it turned out. Our quesadillas had tuna, cheddar, and a touch of pepper and garlic salt. Then it was time for the fun stuff. Adam's were made into hearts since I love him so much and they got packed up for him to take to work. Jayne got a car and a plane, not that I don't love him, he just likes cars and planes. I used some cookie cutters to make them and it worked great. They were a little harder to cut throuhg than I thought they would be, but not bad.
Adam's hearts

Jayne's car and plane, plus some tasty corn!

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Rachael and Leah said...

Look really yummy!!!