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I thought it was high time I did another product information post! Today I am going to tell you all about my marble mazes. We use ours in the car, during church, and at the grocery store. It is small enough to pop into any mom sized purse. It is all one piece, so there are no little things to pack up when it is time to head out. Just grab and go. The marble is sewn inside and all the lines are double stitched for durability. There is no start and end so that your kiddo can chose a new marble destination every time. Our little elephant likes to play "I got it here, now you put it there" and take turns. When he is done with it I play with it as much as he does. It is a great way to keep your hands busy and works on fine motor skills. This is a toy that once picked up is played with at any age! Here are some of the commonly asked questions...

Why do you use fleece?
The fleece is soft and durable. It also stretches around the marble allowing for more detail in the maze design.

How does the fleece fit in with your "grow your family green" motto?
The fleece that I use for the marble mazes is being kept from the landfill! A local physical therapy office uses fleece to do occupational therapy by making tied pillows with the patients. Instead of throwing away the scraps, they get sent my way and they get made into our marble mazes and freezie sleeves.

Why don't you make them bigger?
Little hands can only reach so far across the fabric. They are made with little hands in mind. Even for me, the smaller size is just right.

Do you make other maze layouts?
Right now it is just the 1 rectangle and 1 heart design. I plan to create more designs as time goes by, but it is still a little way down the road.

Are there any other benefits to the mazes?
Absolutely! The marble mazes work on fine motor skills. It is a great way to prepare your little ones for holding pencils in school. It is also great for grown ups that need to work their hand muscles.

I am always open to custom orders, so if you want a special maze for a special someone feel free to convo me on etsy!

Find all of our marble mazes at:

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