March Goals

Happy leap day! Today only comes once every 4 years. I will spend this extra special day sharing my March goals. I normally take a look back at how the goals from the previous month went. That won't be happening this month. We'll just sum up with, not so well. I am not going to dwell on how poorly February went though. I am going to go into the next month with optimism and resolve!

  • Exercise - It went way down last month and I am going to stick with the goal of 120 minutes a week. It worked well before and I can do it again.
  • The Crazy Elephant has been growing, a lot! Adam is giving me Wednesdays as a "work" day and evenings as computer time and it is working very well. The goal is to list at least 25 items per week with a long term goal of having a steady 250 items in shop by the end of the year.
  • March is also the soft start of spring cleaning! I am going to be doing a kind of prep cleaning before the big clean in April. I am also going to be posting a weekly spring cleaning post on the Moms in Step blog. Feel free to follow it if you want to spring clean with me!
I hope everyone has a great March and feel free to share some of your goals in the comments section. You never know when you might inspire someone.

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