My First Bow

I live with 3 boys, one is a dog, but still. It isn't very girly at our house. I decided I needed a bit of girlyness for myself and got a fantastic headband and bow from Mommy and Me Boutique on etsy. I love them so much and they are super girly. What I really love about the headband is that you can put any clip you like on them. Well, Sunday morning it was feeling like a girly bow day. My flower bow is pink and wouldn't have gone well with what I was wearing. I headed downstairs and whipped up this fantastic blue bow in 5 minutes, great since we were leaving in 10. I love how it turned out. I slipped a clippie through the center and clipped it to the headband and was ready to go. I saw the design on several pintrest pics and it was very easy. I will probably have a bow collection that any 4 year old would envy in no time.
It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland which makes it that much better!

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