Spring 2012 Color Swatches

One big change I am making at The Crazy Elephant this spring is to do large runs of fewer colors. It means that you will be able to get larger quantity of the fabric colors you love and there will be fabric on hand for custom orders as well. Up until now I would buy a very small amount of a fabric and sewit all up to list. The problem is that in the last couple of months I have had many requests for custom orders out of fabrics that are no longer available. I will still pop in a few randoms from time to time but the color swatches below are my spring colors and are available for custom orders. There are 16 and I will post in the comments when one is no longer available.
Love and Peace, Aqua Clouds, Red Clouds, Pirate Sketches

Tan Clouds, Craftaholic, Tea Party, Magenta Clouds

Green Dots, Toon Frog, Toads on Blue, Lime Clouds

Blue Dots, Pink Dots, Blue Clouds, Biking Monkeys

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