Always Busy

Homeschooling, under control. Homemaking, sufficient. The Crazy Elephant...Let's just say it is earning it's name! It has been CRAZY! I have been blessed with many fantastic customers, even some extra special repeaters. They are keeping me on my toes though. Back in January it was busy but by the end of the month I felt like I have the swing of things. Then February came along and I nearly doubled my out put! By the end of the month we had a good plan of action. Then March came along... I think you get the idea. I love sending out packages all over the world and knowing that I am helping to keep God's green earth a little greener. I am going to keep adjusting as needed to get it all done. With the amount of work I am doing though, I definitely need to change my mind set from STAY at home mom to WORK at home mom, a new role that will need some serious work!

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