Fruit and Veggie Rainbow

Jayne is becoming a bit of a picky eater and we all have a tendency to eat too many grains. So, we made a food colors chart. The goal is to collect all the colored magnets each day by eating that color of food. It is working out splendidly!
 First step is to tear strips of colored paper for the fruit colors. We have red, orange, yellow, green, and blue/purple. Then we flipped through grocery adds to find produce that is that color and glued them onto the sheets.
 Then we broke out the contact paper. We laid the strips one at a time and smoothed them on well. We started at the bottom and worked up so that we would have a rough edge between each color.
 Here is our finished chart! We cut out sticky magnets to hold it to the fridge and magnet squares in each section to put the color shapes. The shape magnets are card stock (from scrapbooking) and put on sticky magnets. Each time we eat a color we put a magnet on the chart.
Jayne loves the new chart and is eating many more fruits and veggies now. He even suggested that we get some carrots, because they are orange you know. Above is the first meal after starting. I had to share because purple grapes and green kiwi look simply fantastic together!

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