Homeschool Fun: Star Wars

Jayne does his Read, Build, Write sheet.
We worked with the pre-k pack from Homeschool Creations. This was pretty much Jayne's dream week since he got to do tons of Star Wars stuff. We also found lots of great crafts at Filth Wizardry.
R2D2 is not done yet, but is coming along well!


Anonymous said...

Hey Michelle,
Just noting Jayne's pencil grip. Try very small pieces of crayon or chalk; they have to hold it correctly!
Thanks for this, My boys might like this stuff, too.
Barbara Golley

Michelle said...

Thanks Barbara! That is a great tip. We are working on his fine motor skills in other ways at the moment. He can write willy nilly till we start kindergarten in the fall. It gives his hands some time to develop those writing muscles. I will have to keep that in mind for when the time comes though!