It Starts with a Feeling

I have had the sense lately that I was not supposed to open the Hyena Cart shop and that I was really meant to go for the stand alone website. This sense was not from within. It came out of the blue, sparked by the spirit alone. Then some things happened over the course of my mulling the idea over. First I noticed on the HC vendor page that there was an issue with hacking, not on my page thank goodness, but on other's pages. I knew that I needed to save up a little more in my business account to make the web hosting purchase, but went in just now to check the price and had to share.

I have 2 orders to ship this afternoon and the web browsing is on sale for 2 days. The total? I should have exactly enough to do both with a bit left over so that the account is not completely empty! There is only one way that happens, and I praise God that he works with us, asks us to do something and then gives us the ability to make it happen. You rock God!

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