Kindle Me

My birthday is coming up and we have never been good at waiting for gifts in our home. So, I am already thoroughly enjoying my Kindle Fire. I have wanted a Nook since my last birthday and Adam and I spent a lot of time deciding if it would be the Kindle or the Nook. They are basically the same thing. Amazon Prime was the deciding point for Adam. For me it was the super hard, and likely more kid safe, casing.

It has been just what all the info online said it would be, I like that in an item! The first book we borrowed from our Amazon Prime membership was The Hunger Games. We are addicted to the book, in case you were wondering. We love that you can change the font and size and even color of the screen to make it easier to read. You can change the screen brightness too.

We have been having a blast with apps too. Jayne's favorite is Angry Birds, mine is Townsmen 6 and Mighty Grocery, and Adam likes the Weather Channel and map apps. This is our first time playing with apps. They are fantastic! Plus we get a free paid app every day and have gotten some fun ones that way.

I would definitely recommend a Kindle. It has 8 hours of battery which we have used up every day since it came in the mail on Wednesday. It has a crisp clear touch screen. The size is small compared to a pad, but that means it fits in my purse. While Adam wasn't sure about getting it in the first place, we all like it and are happy we got one.

Find Kindle Fire at This was not a paid review, we just really like it!

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