May Goals

It is a new month again and I can check off my goal from last month! So much happened last month and since I just let things happen naturally it wasn't bad.This month I am ready for a fresh set of goals. Here they are...

  • We have made the decision to stay 100% on Etsy till we double in growth from where we are. So my goal is to do a minimum of 25 listings up a week. This way my available items go up along with traffic, they go hand in hand.
  • This month we are going to finish up the school year for preschool. We have a couple of fun weeks coming up, including garden week and ice cream week. It should be fun and I look forward to a few months of lighter workload as we take our break...we will still be doing the All About Reading curriculum over the summer though so we don't have to start from the beginning in the fall.
  • Most important is that we fix our roof. We have some unwelcome tenants (birds and squirrels) and we need to repair the damage they have caused. I am saving up the money to pay for it with my TCE sales but I have a lot more work to do before the roof is paid for.
Well, those are my big 3. They are totally doable if we set our minds to it. What are your goals for the month?

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Son Lakhani said...

Those boarders need to look for a new lodging :) And the roof project's just in time for summer, too - great for getting family and friends to get busy, if you're the ones going at it, that is. Naturally, it costs a bit, but to save it in time for harsher weather would be wise.

Son Lakhani