PoM Club is Here

The pad of the month club is here! You can join the fun here.
Here is the info...

The first week of each month we will ship a new pad to you. It will come in a mystery color or print so it will be very exciting to see what will come each month. At the end of th year you will have 3 panty liners, 3 medium short pads, 2 of each of our other pads, and 2 panty liner packs for when you are on the go.
Here is what you get and when:

Month 1 - Pantiliner with pack
Month 2 - Medium absorb short pad
Month 3 - Mediun absorb long pad
Month 4 - Heavy absorb short pad
Month 5 - Heavy absorb long pad
Month 6 - Pantiliner with pack
Month 7 - Medium absorb short pad
Month 8 - Mediun absorb long pad
Month 9 - Heavy absorb short pad
Month 10 - Heavy absorb long pad
Month 11 - Pantiliner
Month 12 - Medium absorb short pad

This is a fun way to either build or add to your stash. Plus who doesn't like a little surprise in the mail each month. Your first pad will come the month after you order (example: Order in May, first pad in June).
All of our pads are easy to care for, just toss them in the wash and wear them again. The edges are cut with a pinking shears and will fray. This leaves less bulk than sewing the edges under and makes them more comfortable as well as helping to conform to your body.

All our products are made in a smokeless home. Our fabrics are pre-washed before sewing.

Our absorbency levels:
Light - Panty liner for very light flow/spotting
Medium - pad for everyday/normal flow
Heavy - pad for heavier flow days

Looking for absorbency information? You can learn more at http://morganbubble.blogspot.com/2012/02/pad-absorbancy.html

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