Sunday Fishing

I got to have an actual relaxing, lazy, nothing much to do kind of Sunday. It was great! Those are few and far between at our house. Meanwhile, Adam and Jayne went fishing with 2 of Jayne's uncles and that is our story for the day.
Jayne is in the middle with his 2 uncles on either side.
Jayne has taken an interest in the Little House in the Big Woods book and was very excited to hear that he was going fishing on lake Pepin, just like Pa! He didn't want to get sand in his shoes though, which is why he is so far back from the water.

They caught 0 fish. Jayne has never actually seen a fish caught in his entire life. Apparently they became hyper intelligent since he was born because we used to catch fish all the time before that. They did get to see this bald eagle catch a fish though.
They even paid a visit to Jayne's Great Grandma that lives near there. She was very happy since she hasn't seen him since he was about 1 1/2...he is 4 1/2 now. Over all they had a great time, even without a fish to show for it. Now they are all planning the next fishing trip and can't wait to go!

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