Where Have I Been?

For a week now I have been struggling with this horrible sore throat. It hasn't been very sore the last few days but the soreness was exchanged for this cough that won't stop. It has not been fun. In the midst of it all we had Easter. We were light on photos, but then I was so exhausted that I could barely keep my eyes open too. Jayne enjoyed hunting down the eggs that the Easter bunny dropped in the house.
That crazy bunny hid them in the silliest places and the one in this photo was the last and hardest for Jayne to find. Thank you Willie Wonka eggs. I got them probably 7 years ago now. They have suction cups, glow in the dark, or hang.
I also got my pot of peppermint from my mom's neighbor. I love peppermint tea and it soothes a sore throat so well. It was good timing since the grocery store was closed and I had used up my tea supply. I am hoping that my cough will go away soon and things can get back to normal. I know that my house would sure appreciate it!

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