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Fatcow Review

Some bloggers get free goodies to review. I am not one of them. If I really like something...or really don't, it ends up here. Today is the latter and a review for web hosting through I had seen reviews and it was looking good. I signed up for a full year + secure site for $50.75. That is a great deal. The control panel was easy to use and there were a lot things to use. If you have noticed the past tense, I will get to that. They have several site builders to choose form depending on what kind of site you are going to build. I went with shopsite since I was building an online store. I spent a whole day figuring out how to get my pics sized right and how to change the colors. I got several item listings entered and 5 pages set up.

For me it went downhill at that point. A message popped up saying I could only add 5 pages and that if I wanted more I would have to upgrade the program with a cost of $30 a month! I fretted for a bit and then gave them a call. I told them it wasn't going to work for me and that I wanted the money back guarantee. They were very pleasant and told me they were not sure if I could be refunded for the secure site and that I should call back the next day when the billing office was open. At this point my shop had been open for less than 24 hours and then closed.

When I called billing they told me I would receive the full amount. "Yay," I thought. This site didn't work for me, but I am happy and I think I would recommend this to others who have smaller sites to create. Then I got the refund...$22.80. I was not going to let that get by without a phone call. The man I talked to explained that he has no idea why the man on Monday would have said that. the secure site was non refundable, ok that brings the refund to around $37 and I can understand. He continues to tell me that there is a $15 cancellation fee for the domain. "But my domain was purchased through and was never transferred to your services," I say. Yes, but I typed it in as the address I would be using and to them that counts. So my web service that was active for less than 24 hours cost me $27.95.

Would I recommend fatcow to others? Yes, but only after very careful consideration as to what kind of site you are making and how much you are actually willing to spend. If you end up doing a refund, you won't be happy.


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