Getting There

I am splitting the post about our camping trip up so that I can share all the great aspects in tiny tidbits instead of one enormous post. Today is about getting there. We did what many thought wouldn't work, biked to the campground. Here is what we carried things in: kid carrier, 3 backpacks (one for each of us), and saddle bags on Adam's bike. We made sure to pack light but still be able to be comfortable.
Our packed kid carrier. Adam reinforced the bottom. There is are sleeping bags, cushions, a tent, 3 chairs and much more inside of there!

The tent and inside are all set up and the carrier is still half full.

Our hard working bikes

Little guy gets a long drink after our ride of about 6 miles.

We're all set up, now time for some fun!
Tomorrow's post will be about the fun stuff we did and if you are wondering if we actually were comfortable...other than sleeping, yes! As for sleeping, the ground was hard but not lumpy. I have really nasty bruises on my hips and ribs from sleeping on the ground those 2 nights.

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