Have you ever noticed that I don't spend much time blogging about our many fantastic travels? That is because we haven't gone on a family vacation since I started this blog years and years ago! Yes, there was a 3 day trip last summer with my entire family but I don't consider them vacations, they are more work than just staying home and working.

Tomorrow starts our very first family vacation! We are all really excited and have been talking about it every day. If you will recall, we don't have a car. That doesn't mean we are homebodies that can't have fun though. We are leaving tomorrow to go camping at a campground 6 miles away with my Moms in Step group. We are staying 2 nights, then biking home. We will be home for 2 days, to allow our bottoms to heal up and to do a huge remodel, reprice, and refill of On Wednesday we will bike to the larger town next to us, about 15 mile, to stay in a hotel, shop, and generally relax. Followed by 2 days to recoup before getting back to normal.

It isn't a big trip by anyone's standards, but it will include all the things we want most from a vacation, relaxation, not working, and not being at home. Plus we have lots of options at both of the mini stays. The campground has a pool, petting zoo, and hiking. The town has art and children's museums, a huge craft show that 2 streets are closed for, and a pool too. I can't wait to share some of the highlights when we come back (and maybe in the middle too), but right now I have to get the house work done and the packing finished!

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