Fluffy Clouds

Made of soap? That's right! I have seen this activity floating around in the blogosphere and we just had to try it. Here is what you need: a bar of Ivory (that is the only kind that works, it has to be ivory) and a microwave. Some parchment paper underneath might be good too, it saves on clean up any way.
The bar goes in the microwave. Cook till you are ready to take it out.

The resulting cloud, let it cool before taking it out. There was still half a bar in the middle and so of course the man of the house had to see if it would go again. We ended up with 3 clouds this size after re cooking the cores.

Time to play with and break up the cloud into very tiny pieces. Add just enough water to make it moldable and fill some cookie cutters with the gloopy (clean) mess.

Tada! Super fun shaped soaps. They are very light and fluffy and made by Little Guy.

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