K Kick Off Field Trip

Yesterday was our first day of school, but on Sunday we had our kick off. What better way to kick off the Kindergarten year than a field trip to the zoo? A field trip to the zoo with dinosaurs and legos! We went up with my Mom and Dad, my siblings and brother-in-law. There were many animals to see at the MN Zoo, even some new ones since the last time we were there. It has been about a year since we last went. We used to have a membership and go every few months so it felt like going back home to me.

Right now they have a dino exhibit going. Jayne was a little scared at first. The dinos are life size. They move and look right at you. They also make dino sounds. It was pretty cool! Plus our first day of school had a lesson about dinos.

Crocie the crocodile is our school mascot and that means we had to get a shot with a real croc at the zoo! This is the doggy whimper face that someone has picked up in the last few weeks. Thankfully he is just using it as his photo pose here.

Grrring as he rides a wolf. He howled at the window and one passed right in front of him! After the zoo we hit the Lego Store at the Mall of America to get legos or Jayne's birthday party favors and Lego sheets for one of our bedroom make over projects. Jayne got to build with legos while we were there and pick out a Lego star wars set. It was a long day, really long, but it was a ton of fun! Next year I think we will kick off with a smaller trip but I am still glad we got to go on this one.

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