Mother Mary

I just finished Beth Moore's Esther study with my mom's group. It was excellent and a recurring subject was that we have been put in this time and place for "such a time as this". What time that is...well, I don't know, but I thank the Lord that he does! I just pray that the path I am going down is the one I am meant to be on, bumps and all.

The study really got me thinking about destiny and the path God has laid out for me. I always thought maybe I would be like Esther and have some huge role to play, or maybe I would become a great missionary like Paul. When I think about God's plan for me I sort of assume it will be grand, the kind of thing that is written about and remembered. Just being a godly wife and mother couldn't possibly be all there is to it.

Right about then is when my thoughts went to Mary, you know the one, she gave birth to Jesus Christ after all. What did Mary "do"? She carried a son, granted a very special one, that she raised to adulthood. She was a mother! When you really get down to it, that was her one path. So I realized that maybe my path is small in the grand scheme of things. I care for and teach my son, raising him to be a Godly man. It could be that the foundation I lay, that feels so small to me, could be what builds something great down the line.

So, when the laundry starts piling up and homeschooling gets trying at time, I am going to try and remember that God knows where the path is going. As long as I keep following and trusting in Him I will get to the destination. Someday I will get to see how it all played out and laugh at how mundane I thought it was, when really it was the stepping stone!

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